Impact Energy leads the Swiss TopFU financial incentive programme, which is supported by ProKilowatt. TopFU aims to equip existing industrial motor systems above 7.5 kW, which are in operation since less than 6 years, with a variable frequency drive.

Today only about 20% of all motor systems have a variable frequency drive. About 50% of all motor systems could benefit from the use of a variable frequency drive. The variable frequency drive makes it possible to regulate the system at any time according to the actual demand. Electrical energy savings are the highest in closed pump systems and fans. Here, even at 20% lower speed, the electrical power is reduced by 50% and energy is saved accordingly.

For systems with motors in operation since more than 6 years, a retrofitting to new IE4 motors is also planned.

TopFU will support the investments with a maximum of 30%.

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